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How to find someone’s location by cell phone number?

You feel the urge to monitor activities when you smell something fishy. You try to have the best systems in place to avoid any untoward incident. In this digital era, it is even more essential to keep a tab on activities of your kids as they may fall in the trap of online predating, be a victim of cyberbullying and harassment.

It sounds very normal, but from the kids’ point of view, it is very distressing. The same goes for your employees and support staff. In this era of hyper-competition, you simply cannot take the risk of faith when you are accountable to hundreds of people.

The most fundamental interface in this digital era is the mobile device. The basic function of our smartphone is the calling feature, and for that, you need a mobile number provided by the telecom service provider. This number gives you the primary tool of monitoring, only if you have a very effective spying system in place.

The primary challenge is to find someone’s number first. Of course, you cannot go and ask for a number if you are remotely monitoring someone. What is the best possible way to find someone's location by cell phone number?

How to find the phone number of someone online?

In the pre-digital era phone directory used to be a very effective tool to find someone’s phone number as there were no mobile phones and landline people were the only possible medium of long-distance voice communication.


If we go by statistics on mobile phone sales, there are more than 5 billion active mobile phones with almost double phone numbers. In this global village, no physical directory will be able to serve the purpose.

So, how to find someone’s phone number in this digital era, especially when the numbers are protected under the privacy laws? Let us start the search from impossibility with the hope to find a possible solution.

Frankly, it isn’t easy as telecom operators cannot share your details without authorization under law. Here are some of the time tested hacks to find the mobile number of ant people or organizations.

Reverse number search with Google

You information global bank, the mighty Google might help you. You can get all possible information about a person and organization like name, location, address, email address and, of course, the phone number.

The search begins with a name along with area code and you dig further to get more information. There is no doubt that Google knows everything. But, will the global spymaster share that with you? Most likely, it won’t allow until the person has made it public.

Reverse number search

Most of the companies and organizations make their official number public, so you can find them easily. You have an option to do a reverse number lookup. Just type the entire number with country and area code and in the search box and wait for the result screen.

As said, if you are looking for business numbers you can get that easily, but if it is a personal number Google will not be of much help here. So, you have to seek the help of some monitoring solutions like NEXSPY or XNSPY to get the exact phone number details.

How to find a phone number for free? Unfortunately, there is the only way, if that number is in the public domain, otherwise, ant effort in that direction would be considered as an illegal activity.

Toll-Free phone numbers

This is relatively easy as most of the companies in the public domain with a mandatory provision to make official numbers public. Thankfully, there is a global standard and practice in place regarding the toll-free number and you can easily find the name and other details of the company or organization.

Toll-Free phone numbers

There are several online web directories where simple search could give you specific information. Alternately, you can use any search engine to get all possible details.

Try this while searching. Type the “800 number for XYZ”. Here XYZ is the company name. Or, try typing “contact us” XYZ. Here again, the XYZ is the company name. You will get precise results.

How to find someone by phone number?

If you are looking for an answer for how to find someone’s name by phone number for free? Here is the answer. Practically, all mobile phone lookup sites operate in two forms. Either you search number using the name of the user or you look for the name using the phone number.

Find mobile phone numbers online

A people finder tool is the most effective way to find cell phone numbers. This works on the premise that you have some information, and you use them to find more details. Since these tools compile all possible information and build a database, you will likely get the desired information in the quickest possible time.

If have the number, you can find other details like name, email, location, etc. and if you have a name or email ID, you can get the phone number. Since it is an era of social integration you can get family and other related information easily.

Here are some of the popular free destinations where you can find the number and name details very easily. The TruePeopleSearch and ZabaSearch offer its service for free, but you have to integrate your database to get the service.

If you want to pay a little fee, then BeenVerified, TruthFinder, or Pipl gives you options to know more details. For more authentic results, you can try spy apps like NEXSPY or XNSPY.

Find someone on Facebook by phone number

Facebook is the second largest database of personal information after Google. The social media major has the advantage of a strong network linkage to cross-verify your data.

Find someone on Facebook

If you know the phone number of any individual and you want to know more about that person, then you can use Facebook to find more details. Simply type the number in the search box and you will get the desired results instantly and you can find someone on Facebook by phone number.

The only precondition to get the result is the permission granted by the user. You may require to first connect with the user to access the full profile. Interestingly, if don’t have a number and you know other details like city, college/school, or organization, then you might get some deep insights about the person.

Spy tools to find a mobile phone number

Searching details on search engines is like finding a needle in a haystack. You have to be lucky to get the right information. The better way on how to find someone’s name by phone number for free and get all possible details is to try some highly sophisticated spy tools that help you get precise information in the quickest possible time. Here are some of the tools that are helping people and business to find relevant details:

Spy Dialer: If you have the number and you want to know other details, then this tool will be of great help. You will be able to find the name and dialer location easily.

NEXSPY: This tool helps you get all contact information from the target phone and monitor detailed call logs of any mobile phone.

USPhonebook: This is a simple site where you type the name and you get the phone number of the user. You can also do the reverse search to know the name associated with the number.

ReversePhoneCheck: Here you have a vast database of over 500 million phone numbers and names to dig. Just type a name or number and get all possible details. Of course, it isn’t free.

Find someone on Instagram by phone number?

Instagram, the powerhouse of photo-sharing, is the next best networking site. So, it is possible to find someone on Instagram using a mobile number. Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Find someone on Instagram

If you know the username, then it is the simplest possible way to find that person using the search box. But difficulty rises with the name as there could be several people with the same name. Here is how to find someone on Instagram by phone number:

  • You have to save the number in your contact book.
  • Now open the app and go the profile and go to discover people options.
  • Now you have to select “discover from contacts” options to find people by phone number.
  • You have to grant permission to the app to sync contacts. It might take a few seconds to sync all contacts.
  • Now, you will see all contact on Instagram. Here onwards, you have to follow the person to access his profile related information.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

Frankly, you have to use an application to track someone’s phone location without them knowing. You need to access the device and install the app to track that particular device.


If your software permits, you can have remote access to all possible applications of the device including call logs, messaging, social media platforms, browsing history and of course the location.
The best in the league to help you monitor the location of your kids for parental care and staff for operational efficiency is NEXSPY.

You have to simply download the app in any kind of device and start using all possible features by following the instructions and will discover how to track a cell phone location without them knowing.

The NEXSPY app gives you access to:

  • All social media platforms installed in the device and monitor messaging apps such as Skype,
  • Whatsapp, Instagram & Facebook
  • You can track call-related activities as you have total access to all call-related data
  • You have access to the GPS enabled location data capture
  • This permits you to access text messages
  • You can have all data related to browsing
  • You can monitor multiple devices in live mode

Do you get those calls from unknown numbers or are you worried about the activities of your kids? Then this spy app is a perfect solution for all your needs.

feature nex

It is easy to install and use tool helps you monitor activities of your employee and staff as well so that you could improvise efficient in real-time. Follow the legal restriction of your geography and enjoy the smart monitoring service.

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