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How to know if Someone Hack my WhatsApp Account?

My WhatsApp account can be hacked?

Nowadays, a cell phone has become a second skin and internet, a steady ally for humans. So if any disruption occurs in both of them, it affects humans.

Yes, that is the vitality a Smartphone holds in the life of people. Disruption can be in the form of low or no internet connection or it may be dysfunctional of the mobile phone.

With the technological advancement in recent decades, the dynamics of interaction, business, learning, selling, and marketing has been changed.

For example, people used to convey their message through emails and text but now it has been changed into WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

Apart from all these, the mobile phone holds vital information about the individual (email accounts, social media accounts, and sometimes bank details). If an application has been hacked, then it may cost you much.

Whatsapp is one such application which carries sensitive information like phone numbers, pictures, videos, messages, but it is encrypted, still, there is a question in the mind of people can it be hacked?

Actually, it can be hacked by the use of special apps and someones can read whatsapp messages without your phone.

This can be easily done if by mistake you install an unscrupulous application. If your concern has been raised after reading this then no worries, these apps have some signs to detect.

Following are the sign to know your WhatApp account has been hacked or not

  • Battery drain

you will experience fast draining of battery if any such apps are in your mobile. If you have to meet your mobile charger frequently even if you don’t use your mobile much, then there may be some unscrupulous apps resting on your phone.

These apps harness the location facility of your mobile to track you and they gained this information through the use of your wifi service and that’s why more power is needed.

  • Abnormal functioning

if your mobile behaves abnormally, for example, it takes a frequent screenshot without pressing the desired key, switched off frequently, random making noise etc. are the signs of abnormal behavior. Here you have to factory reset your mobile to start enjoying it.

More data consumption

as already explained in the point number first that hacker track your location and gained access to your device by the use of mobile internet, that’s why data consumption increases.

You can check this by monitoring your data usage, this can help you to save your phone. There is inbuilt data manager n every device, you that feature to determine this.

  • Background noise during a call

if you experience any noise during your call, then it may be the case of gaining access to your voice call.

What should I do if my WhatsApp account has been hacked?

Well, these were a few things which can inform you if your WhatsApp has been hacked.  You can find more information how to read someones whatsapp messages without their phone.

However, you can use locking feature to protect your phone so that nobody installs unscrupulous apps in your phone and uses reliable anti-virus to protect your phone from malware. Hope this can help you in cocooning your mobile.

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