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How to set up an iPhone or iPod touch for kids?

Every individual love to have iPod touch and iPhone, and it is no surprise and everyone in the world loves these devices. iPhone and iPod touch is more popular among teens and kids, and they often ask their parents to get them these stylish devices as their birthday gifts.

Also, they request their parents to get these devices as they can stay up-to-date. Regardless of their children’s interests parents may have some significant concerns about giving their children unverified access t the internet, social networking apps, and texting. If you are in that condition, then you should learn some tips and ways to set up iPod touch or iPhone that can keep your kids safe and allows them to use only the authorized websites.

Create an Apple ID for Your Kid

The iPod Touch and iPhone need an Apple ID to start and to permit the user to download movies, music, app, r any other content from the Apple iTunes Store. Also, you can use Apple Id for features such as FaceTime, iMessage, and Find my iPhone. However, your kid can get your Apple ID easily that is why it is always better to create different Apple ID for them, particularly for family sharing devices. NEXSPY the best app to monitor child’s iphone

Once you create an Apple Id for your kid, then ensure to use only that account when providing the iPod touch and iPhone for them.

How to set up on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad

You can set up the ID on the device itself or you can use your computer to set up. If you are creating the ID on a shared family computer, then you should pay attention to a few details that include:

First, when jibing things like a calendar, address book, etc, then ensure that you only jibe particular data to your family or your child, so you have to create a different family calendar and make a set of contacts for this account. This assures that the device that your child uses allows him/her to have access to only particular information but not to all of the other business contacts.

Set a Passcode to keep the device safe

Setting up a Passcode is the best and significant way to guard the contents of an iPod touch or iPhone from interfering people. The Passcode is nothing but a security code that either you or your children will use to get access to your devices and you have to enter every time when you want to use the device.

Also, it keeps the information safe when the stranger tries to get access to your device when you or your kid lose your iPhone or iPod touch.
Also, it is very important to create a passcode that both you and your kid can remember. You can possibly reset your iPod touch or iPhone with a lost passcode, but at the same time, you may lose information and also it is not required to reset when you create a passcode that you can remember in the first place.

If you are gifting newer versions of iPhone to your child, then use the Face ID facial recognition system or Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the newer versions or iPhone X for an extra security purpose. Using Touch ID is perhaps a good way to create both your child’s and your finger. Face ID works only with one Face for on the device, so you can set the Face ID using your Child’s Face.

If you have created Find My iPhone in your device, then you don’t need to worry when you or your child lose your iPhone or iPod touch, or your devices get stolen. Also, you can avoid buying a new phone.

Find My iPhone that also works for the iPad and iPod touch, it is an Apple’s web-based service that uses the inbuilt GPS features to help you locate your device and probably recover the lost device. Also, you can use Find My iPhone to padlock the device through the internet or remove all the crucial data so the thieves wouldn’t get access to your information.

Set Up Family Sharing

It is the best way of sharing as every member of the family to get access to each other’s App store purchases and iTunes so that you can avoid paying for the same again and again. Parents can use monitor app for iphone

For instance, if you bought an ebook through your iPhone and your children also want to read it. When you buy it with family sharing, then your children can just go into the Apple Books App purchases section and just download the ebook for free this is the best way to save your money. However, the only weird thing about Family Sharing is that once you include your kid under 13-years old to the group, then you cannot remove them from the Family Sharing group until they turn thirteen years.

Set Restrictions on Adult Content

Restrictions are an Apple’s built-in tools developed for the iOS operating system used by the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to let allow parents take control of the apps and content and avoid their children from getting access to any mature content.

Use this Restrictions software tool to secure your kids from getting unwanted content and prevent them from having video chats with strangers, etc. Also, make sure to use another passcode for the tool instead of using the same to guard the device.

The Restrictions that you want to apply will depend on the age of your child and their maturity level. You can allow the content based on your values, preferences, and several other factors. Things that you want to limit including access to adult content, the skill to use some apps, limiting data use, and blocking in-app purchases.

If your kids use their own computer, then you can also consider using the PC (Parental Control) assembled into iTunes to stop them from getting access to adult material from the iTunes Store. If you are worried about your kid visiting adult websites, or getting access to any other inappropriate content, then you can block a particular website by installing the software on your child iOS device.

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