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Hack Someones WhatsApp account without Touching – It can be done?

When people talk about hacking WhatsApp, they do not mean real hacking.

They have no clue how to connect to your secure smartphone by using sophisticated codes and scripts. Instead, hacking refers to cheap tricks to gain access to one’s messages.

In other words, it is all about being sneaky and doing what you have to do in order to get the required information.

What is hacking WhatsApp?

Interested in hacking WhatsApp? Ideally, you want to do it without touching the target’s phone. Is it possible? Yes and no.

No because most tricks you can find online imply having the target’s phone.

Yes because you can do it in real time while being miles away. But before doing it, you will still require physical access to the target’s phone.

Why you need to Hack someones WhatsApp?

There are several important reasons to hack WhatsApp, apart from pure curiosity.

First, you want your children to be safe. They are innocent and likely to believe everything, so you have to keep an eye on whatever they do online.

Whether they are approached by strangers or they get involved into sketchy activities, you need to be aware of all these.

Second, business owners often keep an eye on their employees’ work phones to ensure they are used for the right reasons.

You do not want your workers to spend a few hours a day chatting to their friends over WhatsApp, do you?

How to Hack WhatsApp messsages with Third Party Applications

Once installed on the target’s phone, spy applications no longer require physical access. But to perform the installation, you will need that device for a few minutes.

Whether you want to keep an eye on your kid or your workers, it can be done pretty easily. Ideally, you should install the secret spying applications before you hand over the device.

Once on, the app will record more than just WhatsApp messages – location, call logs, social media activities, browsing histories and so on.

There are more such programs and most of them share similar features. Obviously, a few of them dominate the market with their reliability. It is also worth noting that they are almost impossible to detect.

Other Options to Hack Someones WhatsApp account without Touching

There is one more option to hack someones WhatsApp online without touching and you must be a professional hacker with years of experience.

You need to be an expert in coding and programming, but also go through lots of trial and er​​ror, not to mention having the right tools.

Not only is this impossible to the average user, but also illegal. It takes years of practice and even some of the most experienced hackers are likely to fail at it, so the spying software remains your best option.


As a short final conclusion, it is almost impossible to hack someone’s WhatsApp account with zero physical access to the phone.

Even if you use such software, you will still need initial access for the installation. Sure, once installed, apps will give you everything you need without touching the phone.​

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