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How to hack into someone’s phone with just their number?

If you want to hack someone’s phone successfully, you need to make them do some action by which you can run an exploit on his/her phone that would compromise the security of the said device. Or, you must have some access to that device physically, at the very least, for once.

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That means, no matter what, physical access is mandatory to hack someone’s phone – either you can do it on your own if you can get access to the device in the unlocked state, or you have to make them do it anyway.

It’s not possible to do that remotely entirely, because at some point you need to have the physical access to the phone, that’s a given obviously.

Now, the question arises, how come you can hack someone’s phone to do something on their phone, which would lead to his/her phone to be hacked or monitored or controlled by a third-party?

Well, there are a few tricks to make someone do something on their phone which will make their phone vulnerable and install an exploit to their device, which in turn will allow you to get access to the phone, remotely and stealthily. And if you’re wondering how to do that, please keep on reading.

Let’s say I want to target somebody to check what they are doing on their phone – let’s assume the person is my girlfriend. I am suspicious that she is probably cheating on me and having an affair behind my back. So, I want all of her call logs, messages, WhatsApp conversation history, Facebook activity details, and more.

But, she has some passwords for everything on her phone, and asking for passwords to access her phone is certainly not possible, as I don’t want to let her know about my suspicion.

Then, what should I do? Here, I’ll have to do a little social engineering, and if done right, then the success rate is high enough.

First, you need to know the phone number of the target phone, and here as I’m trying to hack a cell phone of my friend’s phone, I know her number obviously.

hack phone with number

The next thing I need to do is a getting number of somebody who she trusts. She supposed to trust me, so I can use my own phone number, but to be on the safer side and to be able to deny everything if anything goes wrong, I’d like to use any other number.

Let’s say she has a brother who is studying in another city, so I can use his number. But how to do that without actually getting his brother’s phone? Welcome to spoofing. There are many apps and online sites which will let you make a call or send a message to any number where you can choose any number to appear on caller id.

In short, you can pretend to be as Donald Trump (if you know his number, of course) as per the receiver’s caller ID, and there’s no way to check it’s actually not unless a full-fledged police investigation initiates.

I’d like to put a little disclaimer here. Do not, again, do not ever try to do it for any unlawful purpose, unless you deliberately want to invite serious legal charges against you and like to spend a few years of your life in prison, for whatever reason. Use of this information should be on educational and research purposes only, anything else can have ugly consequences – consider yourself warned.

So what now? It’s simple. I’ll just need to compile a spy tool with a simple HTML link or an image file and send that to her mobile with a simple message while spoofing as his brother’s number – “hey sis, check out this interesting link I just found,” and she will most likely click it.


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Once clicked, the rest will be taken cared of by the stealth spy app which will run under the hood silently and will open a backdoor to send me all the information or files from her phone.

The app is stealth, it uses very little memory and processing power, and there would be a negligible amount of data usage (unless I want to download a large media file from her phone). Hence, there’s a really good chance that my girlfriend won’t notice any suspicious behavior on the device and I’ll just keep monitoring as long as I want.

There’s one problem, though. If my girlfriend ever needs to factory reset her phone, the spy app will be removed from the phone, and I’ll have to start from scratch.

In my specific case, I just need her call history, WhatsApp message history, social media messaging logs, etc. to find out whether she is actually cheating on me and meeting somebody else, so I’ll have all my required information within a very short time, and I do not need to keep monitoring her phone for an indefinite period.

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