Method used by hackers to hack Facebook without downloading anything?

With more than 2 billion users, perhaps, Facebook is one of the most sought and widely used social networking platforms for cybercriminals. In fact, Facebook is highly targeted by hackers. This is because; it is a place where the fraudsters or scammers can access your email as well as other personal information due to the real name policy of Facebook.

The main risks of Facebook hacking are not only from the hackers but also from exes looking revenge as well as the organizations covered in cyber intelligence on the opponent companies. If you have strong passwords and taken additional safety measures, Facebook can be easily hacked.

You can also make sure to be aware of the attacks handled out by the hackers on Facebook and also how can you stop them by knowing when and where the cybercriminals can hit.

Hack the Facebook account password without downloading anything

the phishing is one of the most famous attack paths that can be highly used by attackers for hacking the Facebook accounts. Normally, there are several possible ways available to handle out this phishing attack. The cybercriminals normally make a fake login page that appears as same as to the real Facebook page. The email address and password of the victim are stored into the text file in the situation the victim logs in via a fake page. After then, the hacker downloads the text file and able to see the credentials of the victim. If you wish to avoid phishing attacks, below are steps to be followed:

  • Always use chrome, when it finds out the phishing page
  • Never log into your Facebook account on other devices
  • Avoid emails that ask you to log into your Facebook account

Step by step methods for hacking Facebook with Phishing

How to hack a Facebook account without downloading anything? Before you begin hacking Facebook using phishing method, you have to use free web hosting service and select the one that most suits with you.

Next, you have to fill up the needed data there such as name, email, and password.

After that they will send you an activation link to your email and then your account will be activated. If already activated, you just tap on Beralih button to go to your hosting control panel.

Within your hosting control panel on File selection, tap on File Management to upload this file.

Within your file management, tap on public_html to go into your web root folder

Within the public_html folder, you can upload the entire data and also access worldwide.

Extracting the data that you already upload on the last step, so you just tick the zip file as well as click unzip to extract the data

Make sure to set up everything correctly and then want to configure the database.

The next step you want to fill in your database information on this page is database name and database username and more.

After everything completed, tap on the import tab and do not forget to download the database file.

Finally, check the collected email and password on its website.